Where do the pictures come from?

Light-filled river by Anita Walter
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My portrait
, the lotus image, the water wheel in Jordan (on this page) and the light-filled river are by Anita Walter.

A multi-talented individual, Anita has been a freelance photographer and actress for many years. She works internationally. Each one of her images speaks for itself.

To contact Anita Walter:
Tel.: +49–172-613-1751
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


  • The beautiful dolphin images were taken by my friends Andrea und Alex Dollberg, on one of our trips off La Gomera in spring 2007.

  • The aerial photo of the crop circle is by Steve Alexander.

  • The gorgeous rainbowover Kalalau Coast , Kauai, Hawaii is by Frank Brüning, photographer.


Heartfelt thanks to all of the above
for allowing me to publish their images on my website!


  • The MerKaBa images, the photos from Egypt (feluccas on the Nile and the Karnak temple in Luxor), as well as the seagulls off La Jolla shore, San Diego,
    are my own work.

Please note that each of the above images that are published on the website

is protected by copyright law (section 72, German Copyright Act).
Before using any of these images privately or commercially, please obtain express permission from the authors!

      Thankfully, both

  • The Creation of Adam by Michelangelo (in the Sistine Chapel)
  • and the space photographs by the Hubble telescope (NASA) are in the public domain.