MerKaBa seminar assistance

Training seminar

In this seminar sequence, you will prepare to assist and co-lead my MerKaBa seminars. You will learn how to support the work in dyads and small groups, and how to lead exercises for the whole circle of seminar participants.

We will explore the contents of each seminar in depth until all assistants feel familiar with the topics. In addition, we will train your ability to reliably perceive the MerKaBa field and the energetic “discs” present inside it. This key aspect of the assistants’ work is essential for the moments when the participants enter the star tetrahedron model to fine-tune their MerKaBa field.

Seminar assistance training also aims to provide the knowledge and experience you need to lead MerKaBa seminars of your own, as well as a MerKaBa awareness that makes it possible to transfer MerKaBa activation.

Additionally, you will learn how to lead MerKaBa activation seminars appropriate for today’s “indigo children” and “indigo youth”. In most cases, they only need confirmation that their MerKaBa field does,
in fact, exist. This will help them cope with the old structures they find here on Earth, which are vastly different from their own level of consciousness.

International MerKaBa assistance seminars in English will be offered
as the “School of Ascending Consciousness
– Shamans of the New World” expands.



Training-intensiv-Einheiten - Held in German language

Dates 2016:

Altes Schulhaus Wyden, Gambachstrasse 140, CH-3152 Mamishaus
(Kanton Bern)

Seminartermine: 06. & 07. Februar und 26. & 27. November
Samstag von 10  bis ca. 19 Uhr und Sonntag von 9  bis ca. 16 Uhr

Seminarbeitrag jeweils: EUR 250,00

Bewerbung, Anmeldung und nähere Information:

Praxis für Holistische Psychotherapie, Peterstaler Straße 114, 69118 Heidelberg

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