Training Huna-Teachings


Everything in Creation is alive in its own way, self-aware,
essentially cooperative and responsive.”

The Huna experience is that all beings are a living relationship with one another. On our Earth, some things have become confused, so healing relationships means finding our way back to this foundation with a lively, lighthearted, and relaxed attitude.

In the Huna teachings seminar, we learn how to differentiate our ideas from our imaginative capacity. The source of creative dreams needs to flow freely. After all, our visions are a direct experience of our creative potential.

rainbow over Kalalau Coast, Kauai, Hawaii by Frank Brüning

The first step is to find our own way back there. In Huna training, we also cultivate an inner stance that invites our fellow human beings to honor their own free will as the prerequisite for their creative freedom, and self-confidently make their way back to direct experience.

Of course, we will explore the basic principles of Huna from all sides. Coming “as we are”, we’ll practice placing trust in living and direct relationships, and being open to surprises. This revitalizes all types of interactions and is a very “contagious” approach!

International Huna teachings seminars in English will be offered
as the “School of Ascending Consciousness
– Shamans of the New World” expands.




Training Huna-Teachings - Held in German language

Dates 2016:

Seminarhaus Villa Unspunnen, Oberdorfstrasse 7, CH-3812 Wilderswil
(bei Interlaken)

Seminartermine: 09. & 10. April & 22. & 23. Oktober

Samstag von 10  bis ca. 19 Uhr und Sonntag von 9  bis ca. 16 Uhr
Anreise zuvor, Freitag ab 16 Uhr.

Seminarbeitrag: EUR 300,00

Nähere Auskunft und Anmeldung: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Die Huna-Teachings-Seminare finden in der Villa Unspunnen statt.
Ein energetisch ganz besonderen Ort, mit einer klaren, inspirierenden
und einladend-freundlichen Atmosphäre.
Seminar, Unterkunft und Vollpension ist alles unter einem Dach.
Anmeldung für Kost und Logis, bitte direkt bei der Villa Unspunnen:
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.