MerKaBa trilogy seminar

Master activation of additional MerKaBa centers
at the heart and the pineal gland / third eye

Being creative allows an atmosphere of divine magic to arise.
A space is formed where the miracles of love can reveal themselves fully.

When the three main centers of the MerKaBa are activated, awareness of a magical, divine sphere returns to our life. Especially in areas where we find it difficult to maintain an atmosphere of magic
– in our intimate relationships – the MerKaBa provides ways to create and maintain this space of being “enchanted by love”.

A well of ideas, inspired by the divine spirit, unites with our visions
and with the innermost longings of our heart.

This opens up new dimensions of mastery for the return
of the inner King and the inner Queen.

Fully activated, the MerKaBa can reveal its deepest secrets
about the cosmic dance of the Masculine and Feminine.


Interacting Galaxies, NASA



Scheduling of new international MerKaBa-Seminar events

for 2016

are in the planning stage.

There will be special MerKaBa-Seminar events
for the young generation of Israel
probably later in 2016 or in 2017!

For more details please contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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