Individual Sessions

In my work, I also offer individual sessions. Here, I open up space to perceive a person as a whole, inseparable being. Every aspect of our lives can be seen in a living context.
We are part of a larger organism:

  • in our personal relationships
  • in the Earth as a living being called Gaia
  • in the entire Cosmos

Depending on my seminar commitments, a limited number of individual sessions can be scheduled.


Personal consulting

lotus image by Anita Walter
No matter what personal challenges we may be facing,

  • there is always a reason behind them and
  • we have the potential we need to solve these problems 

In a personal consulting session, I offer you space and support to locate your potential. If this sounds like an impossible challenge, we’ll find the potential that can help your potential come to life.
There is always a way – guaranteed!

Your contribution per session is USD 120.00




Reconnective Healing and The Reconnection

Healing by reconnecting with our cosmic dimensions.

The Reconnection die-Erschaffung Adams


Reconnection® is a perfect complement to a reactivated MerKaBa field. Both are eternally linked in the cosmic dance and mutually support one another.

Usually, Reconnective Healing® is given in two sessions, on two consecutive days. Your contribution for these two sessions is USD 240.00

The Reconnection® also takes place in two sessions, ideally on two consecutive days. Eric Pearl, DC, has defined a contribution of USD 333.00 for The Reconnection®. This is the amount he himself contributed for his initiation.




Healing takes place

through absolute, unshakeable trust in the client’s self-healing potential
and confidence in finding the way back to health together.

Please schedule your sessions in advance by contacting the respective seminar organizer.