Shamans of the New World - School of Ascending Consciousness

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The intention

After over 30 years of work experience, the time came for me to found a school for the “Shamans of the New World”.  Currently, we are experiencing a tremendous shift that “leaves no stone unturned”. Everything is realigning and becoming “re-calibrated” – calibrated to the energy and consciousness of the New Earth.

To me, the Shamans of the New World are a circle of spirited, soulful beings who follow this stream of consciousness, placing their trust only in it – because it is all we have. The shaman within us is called upon to release all of the knowledge and skills we have learned “in this life”. When we wholeheartedly say “Yes” to this re-alignment, we become the pioneers, the Shamans of the New World. With youthful energy, we will continuously rediscover the essential and allow it to develop further.

This is the spirit that carries and inspires the "Shamans of the New World"
and the "School of Ascending Consciousness".

So far,
training seminars have been held in German,

and only in German-speaking countries.
International training seminars in English will be offered
as the “School of Ascending Consciousness – Shamans of the New World” expands.