Shamans of the New World – School of Ascending Consciousness


water wheel in Jordan by Anita Walter


HUNA, Hawaiian shamanism, is astonishingly practical. Of course, Huna includes its own unique philosophy and a wealth of skills, but the essence of Huna extends much further.
We can experience Huna as a living being, in constant transformation, open to every exciting new development, always helpful, teasing, playful, and warm-hearted, with a disarming sense of humor.

From the viewpoint of Huna, the task of shamanism is to heal relationships. Inviting joyful relationships is the core of Huna, and the word Aloha describes what allows love to flow:

loving means being happy with…


Huna springs from the same source as the MerKaBa which gives us the divine ability of co-creation.

The dance of Huna in an activated MerKaBa field
is the breath that inspires and enlieves all of the project
in the "School of Ascending Consciousness"

In all of my MerKaBa seminars, participants can directly experience Huna’s connection to the MerKaBa
on the level of personal growth.The School goes a step further. It is intended for all people who are seeking deeper insights because they want to put their personal growth, linked with a profession,
in the service of Creation as a whole.

Some will be more interested in exploring the unfathomable depths of Huna; others will want to work towards leading MerKaBa activation seminars and transferring MerKaBa activation.

Both paths are possible. The training program includes seminars on “Huna teachings” as well as “MerKaBa seminar assistance”. It is my heartfelt wish to train assistants who will go on to also lead seminars for so-called “indigo children” and “indigo youth”.

So far, training seminars have been held in German,
and only in German-speaking countries.
International training seminars in English will be offered
as the “School of Ascending Consciousness – Shamans of the New World” expands.


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